Competition Kettlebell




 competition kettlebell is a specialized type of kettlebell that is specifically designed and used for kettlebell sport competitions. These kettlebells adhere to strict guidelines and specifications set by kettlebell sport organizations such as the International Kettlebell Lifting Federation (IKLF) and the World Kettlebell Club (WKC).

Here are some key features of competition kettlebells:

  1. Uniform Size: Competition kettlebells have a standardized size, regardless of weight. This means that regardless of the weight of the kettlebell, the dimensions and handle size remain the same. This allows competitors to maintain consistent technique and performance across different weight categories.

  2. Steel Construction: Competition kettlebells are typically made from steel, which provides durability and a solid feel. The precision manufacturing process ensures that the kettlebells are balanced and maintain their shape and weight accuracy.

  3. Color Coding: Competition kettlebells often have distinct color coding on the handles or body to indicate different weight categories. This makes it easy for competitors and judges to identify the weight of each kettlebell during competitions.

  4. Weight Accuracy: Competition kettlebells are highly accurate in terms of weight. They are typically manufactured to a weight tolerance of a few grams, ensuring fairness and consistency in competition settings. This accuracy allows for precise competition preparation and training.

  5. Smooth Handle: The handle of a competition kettlebell is smooth, without any texture. This allows for quick and efficient hand switch during kettlebell sport movements like the snatch or the long cycle.


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