Body Toning Bar

Material:Steel &Foam Length:1220mm



Body toning barbell bar is a type of weightlifting bar that is used for sculpting and toning your muscles, especially your arms, legs, and core. The body toning bar is usually lighter and shorter than a standard Olympic barbell, and comes with different weights that you can attach or detach according to your fitness level and goals. Some features of the body toning bar are:

  • The bar is usually padded with foam or rubber for a comfortable and secure grip while exercising. The foam also prevents the bar from slipping or sliding in your hands.
  • The bar is usually color-coded according to the weight of the bar or the plates. This makes it easy to identify and choose the right weight for your workout.
  • The bar is usually versatile and can be used for various exercises, such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, bicep curls, shoulder presses, chest presses, and more. The body toning bar can help you improve your strength, endurance, balance, and coordination.


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