Rowing Machine

Package size: 142X55X38 cm



owing machine, also known as an indoor rower or ergometer, is a fitness equipment designed to simulate the motions of rowing a boat. It offers a low-impact, full-body cardiovascular workout and is popular for its ability to provide both aerobic conditioning and strength training.

The basic structure of a rowing machine consists of a sliding seat, a handlebar, a resistance mechanism, and a footrest. The user sits on the seat with their feet secured on the footrests, holds onto the handlebar, and performs rowing motions in a controlled manner.

Rowing machines often use one of several types of resistance mechanisms to simulate the resistance of water:

  1. Air Resistance: These rowing machines have a flywheel housing that contains a fan. As you row, the flywheel spins and creates resistance by displacing the air. The harder and faster you row, the greater the resistance.

  2. Magnetic Resistance: In this type, a magnetic braking system creates resistance. The user can adjust the resistance level electronically, allowing for a customizable workout.

  3. Water Resistance: These machines have a water tank or a flywheel filled with water. As you row, the paddles or blades in the tank create resistance, simulating the feeling of rowing through water. The resistance level can vary depending on the rowing speed and the amount of water in the tank.

  4. Hydraulic Resistance: Hydraulic rowing machines use adjustable cylinders filled with fluid to provide resistance. The user can typically adjust the resistance level by changing the cylinder setting.


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