Competition Bumper Plate Chromed Ring

SIZE:​5/10/15/​20/25kg​ Or 25/35/45/​55lb



Competition bumper plates with chromed rings are high-quality weightlifting plates specifically designed for competitive weightlifting events and serious training. They typically follow the standards and specifications set by international weightlifting federations.

The key features of competition bumper plates include:

  1. Accurate Weight: These plates are manufactured with strict weight tolerances to ensure accuracy. They are usually available in various weight increments (e.g., 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, and 25 kg) and are color-coded based on international standards.

  2. Chromed Ring: Competition bumper plates have a chromed steel or stainless steel insert ring in the center. This ring provides a snug fit on the barbell and helps to reduce friction during lifts.

  3. Low Bounce and Durability: Competition bumper plates are constructed with high-density rubber, which helps minimize bounce when dropped. The rubber composition also enhances their durability, even with repetitive use and high-impact drops.


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