Log Bar

Size :23/30/35/45/65KG



Log Barbell is longer and thicker than a standard barbell, typically measuring around 5-6 feet in length and having a diameter of 10-12 inches. It is cylindrical in shape and often made of solid steel or metal, providing a unique grip challenge compared to a regular barbell.

The key feature of a Log Barbell is its lack of rotating sleeves. Instead, the weights are loaded directly onto the log itself, usually secured by collars or straps. This design makes the Log Barbell difficult to stabilize, forcing the lifter to engage additional muscles, particularly the core, to maintain control during exercises.

Log Barbell training emphasizes functional strength, power, and stability. It is commonly used for exercises like the Log Clean and Press, Log Squats, and Log Deadlifts. These movements require the lifter to lift and control the log overhead or perform other compound movements, exerting strength and stability throughout the entire body.


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