Hex Barbell Bar

Weight: 20/23/27/40KG
Handle dia:25/30mmSleeve dia:50mm



hex barbell bar, also known as a trap bar or hexagonal bar, is a type of weightlifting barbell designed specifically for certain exercises. It is named after its hexagonal shape that allows for a unique grip and positioning during lifting.

The hex bar is primarily used for exercises like deadlifts and shrugs. It provides a more natural and neutral hand position compared to a traditional straight barbell. This design helps reduce strain on the lower back and wrists, making it a popular choice for those with back or joint issues.

The hex bar typically has high and low handles, allowing for variations in grip width and exercise intensity. The high handles are often used for deadlifts, while the low handles are used for exercises like farmer’s walks or shrugs.

When using a hex bar, proper form and technique are essential. Engaging the core, maintaining a neutral spine, and lifting with proper biomechanics are crucial for a safe and effective workout.

Hex barbell bars come in various sizes and weight capacities, just like other barbells. They are commonly found in gyms and fitness centers and can also be purchased for home use.


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