Curl Bar

Net Weight:10KG
Material:Steel Q235
Surface Treatment: All Decorated Chrome Plating
Bushing: 2 Copper Bushings
Section of Knurling: 2
Depth of Knurling:0.25-0.35mm



curl barbell bar, also known as an EZ curl bar or a cambered bar, is a type of weightlifting bar that is specifically designed for performing bicep curls and other arm exercises. It is characterized by its unique shape, which features angled grips in the middle section of the bar.

The curved design of the curl barbell bar allows for a more comfortable and ergonomic grip compared to a straight barbell. The angled grips help alleviate wrist and forearm strain while performing curling movements. This makes it an excellent choice for targeting the biceps, brachialis, and brachioradialis muscles.


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