Aluminum Bar

Length:1800mm Weight: 7.5KG
Handle dia:25mm Sleeve dia:50mm
Bushing:2pcs Needle bearing:2,4pcs

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An aluminum bar is a simple aluminum shape that is characterized by a longer length than width. It can be round or polygonal, depending on its intended application. Aluminum bars are popular choices for industrial applications when a lighter weight is needed, and corrosion-resistance is a concern

There are different types of aluminum bars, such as 2024, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6101 and 7075. Each type has different properties, such as strength, hardness, heat treatability, weldability and machinability

Aluminum bars are usually manufactured by extrusion, which is a process of pushing the material through a die that is under pressure. This creates the desired shape of the bar, which can be square, rectangle, hex, or round


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