CPU Competition Kettlebell



Competition kettlebells, also known as kettlebells for kettlebell sport or girevoy sport, are specific types of kettlebells that are designed for competitive events and training. They adhere to strict standards and specifications set by various kettlebell sport organizations like the International Kettlebell Lifting Federation (IKLF) and World Kettlebell Club (WKC).

Some key features of competition kettlebells include:

  1. Uniformity: Competition kettlebells have a standardized shape and size across different weight categories. The handle diameter and kettlebell dimensions remain consistent to ensure a level playing field and technique suitability for competitors.

  2. Color Coding: Competition kettlebells often come in various colors that correspond to different weight categories. This color-coding system helps competitors easily identify the appropriate kettlebell weight during events or training.

  3. Steel Construction: Most competition kettlebells are made from steel, providing a dense and durable core. This core material is typically unpainted to maintain the precise dimensions and weight accuracy required in competitions.

  4. Smooth Handle: Competition kettlebells have a smooth, non-textured handle, facilitating quick and effortless transitions during repetitive lifting movements. The handle diameter is usually consistent across different weights to maintain a standardized grip and technique.

  5. Safety Standards: Competition kettlebells adhere to specific safety standards set by kettlebell sport organizations. These standards ensure that the kettlebells are safe to handle, with smoothly finished edges and no sharp or protruding parts.


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